Eastlake MetroPark

Eastlake MetroPark hill and tree line


Eastlake MetroPark, sits on 144 acres of land leased from the Ohio Department Natural Resources in partnership with the City of Cortland. It is mostly a wooded area expect for 2 areas that are cleared for the Sled hill and festival grounds. The park lies on State Route 46 just inside the City of Cortland corporation limits. Visitors can park in one of the 40 spaces available for the entire park.


In 2009 the City of Cortland approached Trumbull County MetroParks about a joint partnership that would eventually be Eastlake MetroPark. After talks an agreement was signed in 2010 to form the partnership and then talks occurred between MetroParks and Ohio Department of Natural Resources about the leasing of the land that now is Eastlake MetroPark. The land was leased with 15 year initial term with additional automatic 15 year extension with initiation by the Park District. In 2011 design work began on the parking lot and in 2013 the lot was constructed using pervious pavements. Just like the other lots using pervious pavements this lot requires maintenance to keep pores clear of debris. In 2013 the City of Cortland began work on the sled hill with completion anticipated in 2014. Sled hill was completed in October of 2016.

Eastlake MetroPark parking lot
Hill at Eastlake MetroPark parking lot