WRGW Phase 4 Public Comment Period

June 13,2023 12:00 AM to June 13,2023 12:00 AM


Trumbull County Board of Commissioners:

Announces Partial realignment of the Proposed Western Reserve Greenway Trail, Phase IV, Project in Trumbull County

May 12, 2023

Trumbull County Board of Commissioners, in cooperation with the Ohio Department of Transportation, proposes to construct 4.25 miles of asphalt concrete multi-purpose trail from the existing northern terminus of the Niles Greenway Trail located south to State Route (SR) 169/SR 46/Robbins Avenue to the existing southern terminus of the Warren Greenway Trail at Burton Street SE using a combination of both on-street and off-street trail sections in the cities of Niles and Warren and Howland and Weathersfield Townships, Trumbull County, Ohio. Proposed on-street trail sections will be established with new trail signs along various existing streets and a new 5-foot concrete walkway along Burton Street. Proposed off-street trail sections include a 10-foot-wide trail with the majority of the proposed trail alignment adjacent to and east of Niles Warren River Road and through existing utility easements. This project will be constructed to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.

Additional improvements proposed by the project include filling/grading activities to provide appropriate elevations, new culvert installations, existing culvert extensions, drainage improvements, fence/railing installations, driveway approach reconstruction, new sign installations and new pavement marking applications. Moreover, this project will be part of the Great Ohio Lake-to-River Greenway that will traverse between Lake Erie and the Ohio River through existing/future multi-purpose trails.

An alignment shift of approximately 1.43 miles occurred during recent negotiations with the new owners of the Western Reserve Port Authority Property, formerly the BDM Warren Steel Holding, LLC property. The newly proposed trail section extends between Deforest Townline Road and a property owned by Ohio Edison. The new alignment has been shifted to the eastern property line and follows along the abandoned rail line. As a result of the shift in alignment, one (1) additional wetland totaling 0.298 acres and three (3) additional streams totaling 137 linear feet will be impacted by the project. Approximately 2.48 acres of additional tree clearing, that provides potential suitable habitat for Federal and State listed bat species, will occur. Due to the alignment change six (6) wetlands and two (2) streams will no longer be impacted by this project. Information on the alignment shift, including mapping depicting the newly proposed alignment shift and the anticipated additional ecological impacts will be available on the Trumbull County Metroparks webpage http;//trumbullmetroparks.org/. Construction for the project is scheduled to in begin in the summer of 2024.

While the proposed project will not result in any substantial impacts to environmental resources, the Trumbull County Commissioners are seeking any comments you may have regarding the proposed project. Project-related issues the public may wish to comment on include, but are not limited to, the effect of the project on residents, air quality, environmental impacts, etc.

Click Here for MAP of the AREA

Any comments you may have regarding the environmental impacts and/or the proposed project may be submitted by Monday, June 12, 2023.

Questions/comments concerning the alignment shift can be directed to :

Zachary Svette, Executive Director

Trumbull County MetroParks

185 E. Market Street, 2nd Floor, Warren, OH 44481

Telephone: 330-675-3072

Email: mpsvette@co.trumbull.oh.us