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Dam Removal Funded

MetroParks Dam Removal funded

The Trumbull County MetroParks has been placed on the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency’s (OEPA) Final Planning Year (PY) 2022 Program Management Plan for the Leavittsburg Dam Removal Project.  The OEPA’s Department of Environmental and Financial Assistance (DEFA) issues a Program Management Plan (PMP) each year and offers financial assistance for water resource protection and improvement projects.  The PMP describes how the OEPA proposes to prioritize projects, distribute funds, and administer the funds.

The Leavittsburg Dam Removal Project will fall under a two-year funding cycle and is likely to be completed during calendar year 2024.  It is expected that the OEPA will provide a grant to Trumbull County MetroParks early in calendar year 2023 in the amount of $3,203,500.00 to cover the total project cost as part of OEPA’s Water Resource Restoration Sponsorship Program (included in the OEPA’s PY 2022 PMP).  The Water Resource Restoration Sponsorship Program provides grant funds for projects considered by the OEPA as “Urban Corridor Dam Removal and/or Restoration” type projects. 

During calendar year 2022, Trumbull County MetroParks will be responsible to complete certain grant pre-award tasks relative to the project.  These tasks include the preparation of a Project Management Plan, an Environmental Covenant document, requesting qualification statements for design build teams, selection of a design build team to perform the dam removal project, obtain a project sponsor, and complete the design of the dam removal project to a 60 percent level.

For more information please call Zachary Svette, Executive Director at 330-675-3072.       

The mission of the Trumbull County MetroParks is to conserve, manage, protect and promote Trumbull County's natural resources for the benefit of the public's recreational needs, environmental education, awareness, health and enjoyment.