North Road Nature Preserve


1278 Harvard Drive, Warren, OH 44484


This 142 acre park is well positioned on the border of the City of Warren and Howland Township just off North Road. The park lies between two heavily traveled roads in Trumbull County, Market Street to the North and US 422 to the South. North Road Nature Preserve offers tremendous education and conservation opportunities as well as the possibility of establishing a viable water trail location on Mosqutio Creek. The 142-acre Nature Preserve located in both Warren City and Howland Township consists of various ecosystems from grass fields to wetlands, to flood plains and to dense forested areas . The nature preserve is bordered by the Mosquito Creek to the east and the heavily-traveled North Road to the West. Trees enshroud the low-lying and sometimes muddy riverbanks, an area that has also been designated as a floodplain. As a property obtained with Clean Ohio funding, only ecologically sensitive improvements to permit public access and passive recreation can be made. Additionally, the park contains a gated gas pipeline facility, which is located along the roadway near the center of the property.

Area Attributes

Surrounding land uses include heavy urban residential and light commercial. Just a short distance way to the east lies the Eastwood Mall complex and Eastwood Field.


MetroParks acquired the 142-acre property in 2009 through a donation by the Trumbull County Commissioners, who had purchased the property through the Planning Commission utilizing Clean Ohio Funds. The land was targeted by the Planning Commission out of concern for preserving the sensitive wetland and riverbank environment along the Mosquito Creek.

Present Conditions

Phase 1, the main loop, is just short of a mile in length from the parking lot, around, and back to the parking lot.

Phase 2, the north trail, is an out and back with a small loop at the end that branches off of the main loop trail. The trail itself has about 3/4 mile of tread, so an out'n'back trip is 1.5 miles.

Phase 3, the south trail, is a loop that starts and ends on the main loop trail. Over half of this trail is complete, half of the remainder is a cleared corridor, and the remainder is flagged only. The tread is in good condition on the finished sections. The distance of this trail is approximately 1 mile.

North Road Nature Preserve